Saturday, December 26, 2009

Naked Lunch at Foodbuzz Open House

Kat was visiting for the weekend and it just happened that Foodbuzz (where she is a featured publisher) was having an Open House on Friday, so we decided to stop by and meet some of the folks at Foodbuzz as well as other bloggers. I saw from the invitation that they were going to bring in sandwiches from Naked Lunch, which I've never been to before, but I figured that Foodbuzz people must know their food. Sure enough, neither disappointed. We met a lot of fun people who are true foodies, and we chatted about our favorite restaurants over delicious sandwiches. Kat and I split two different sandwiches so we could sample both - one was the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Sandwich and the other was a Chorizo Sandwich. We tried the Grilled Cheese first. The sandwich didn't quite look like a typical grilled cheese, i.e. with melted cheese oozing out, but it was very flavorful and light. I was surprised to find that it was filled with chevre cheese, which is a type of goat cheese so it gave the sandwich a stronger flavor. Combined with oven roasted tomato, pesto, and spinach, the sandwich was refreshing and I probably could have eaten another one!

Then we moved onto the Chorize Sandwich. The Chorizo Sandwich was good but it paled in comparison to the Grilled Cheese. I was expecting the chorizo to be a little spicy but it didn't really have the kick I was looking for. Nonetheless, based on the quality of the sandwiches, Kat and I figured that it would be worth it to check out Naked Lunch, which is not too far from the Foodbuzz offices. We had heard that Naked Lunch has this foie gras sandwich that is finger-lickin'-good, and we can never say no to foie gras. Unfortunately though, we were having so much fun chatting with the people at Foodbuzz that by the time we left their offices, Naked Lunch had run out of the foie gras sandwich. Oh well, I'll try again next time.

Thanks Foodbuzz for a fun open house and introducing me to a delicious lunch spot!