Friday, May 25, 2007

Too much sushi

So I love sushi and everyone has been telling me that the food heaven that is Paris does not have good sushi. So with less than a week before I head to Paris, I decided that I need to stuff myself full of sushi to last me for the next two months. I think I accomplished that. Had lunch with my coworkers (different ones) two days in a row at Sushi O Sushi in Santa Clara. Tonight I had sushi again with friends at Yakko in Mountain View. 3 sushi meals in 2 days... I once thought I would never be sick of sushi - I was wrong. I am now officially sick of sushi, especially mediocre sushi. I'm ready for French food now, especially after having done so much research and reading other people's experience in Paris, I can't wait!

P.S. Oh yeah, I didn't really see any cute guys at either restaurant...