Sunday, June 3, 2007

Marché Rue Mouffetard

Armed with my new Carte Orange (monthly metro pass), I am ready to venture beyond the 6th arrondissement, where I've spent the last couple of days. One of my favorite things about Paris are the open/farmers' markets and not many can beat the one on Rue Mouffetard. Sundays are generally pretty quiet since most stores are closed but Rue Mouffetard was packed with vendors and people. I picked up some cherries, some cheese, and bread. When I saw the line outside the boulangerie La Flûte Gana, I knew I had to stand in it. (I somehow have a strange attraction to long lines - I figure there must be a reason although some places were disappointments.) La Flûte Gana was not one of them. I think their bread is even better than Poilâne's. They have this foccacia bread baked with cheese and prosciutto that is out of this world. I could eat just that for days. I was surprised that this bakery was not among the long list of recommended bakeries that I've researched. I would put it on top of the list so far.

What was on my list was Eric Kayser Boulanger on Rue Monge. Someone had highly recommended it on Chow Hound. I figured that it couldn't be too far away from Rue Mouffetard, but obviously I really don't know Paris that well. More than two subway stations later, I finally arrive at my destination. Fortunately it was open on a Sunday and I picked up some pastries and a croissant. Maybe if I didn't walk so far to find the place I would say it was worth it... but you don't have to make the mistake that I did - take the metro to Cardinal-Lemoine on Line 10.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH - our apartment was right around the corner from Rue Mouffetard - yes yes, LOVE that street with the market and all the restaurants!!! And the Kaysar bakery on Rue Monge was good- we'd pass it several times on our walks up towards Notre Dame!! There was another bakery on the large intersection at the foot of Rue Mouffetard (across from Starbucks) on Rue Monge - can't remember the name it but we loved their bread and croissants!! Might have been called "Boulangerie due Monge"
keep having lots of cheese, wine and fun!!!

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