Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yuet Lee (San Francisco)

After our drinks at the XYZ Bar, my ex-coworker said that she was craving Chinese seafood (she lives in San Diego and says that Chinese food there just can't compare to SF). We wanted to go to R&G Lounge, but the wait was going to be about an hour. We were starving though so I suggested going to Yuet Lee instead, which wasn't too far away. I've been to Yuet Lee before, and even though they may not be as tasty as R&G Lounge, their seafood is fresh and usually there is no wait (big bonus when you are hungry). The two of us proceeded to order steamed oysters with ginger and scallion, clams sauteed with black bean sauce, a 2+ pound lobster, and stir-fried pea sprouts. I have to give credit to our waiter for not looking at us like pigs - we eventually packed up the leftovers to take home anyway.

The steamed oysters were very fresh and lightly seasoned - they really hit the spot for us, since we both love oysters. The clams were very good as well - the black bean sauce went great with rice. The lobster was good as well, but by that time, we were both getting pretty full. It was very fresh though - in the traditional Chinese way, our waiter had brought us the alive and kicking lobster to show that we were getting our money's worth. Overall it was a good meal. R&G is probably still better, but only if you are willing to brave the wait. One bonus for Yuet Lee is that it's open until late at night, so if you ever crave fresh Chinese seafood at 1 am in the morning, you know where to go.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! A post! and TWO! What is the world coming too! I love lobster! It looks good, but not as good as my favorite place in Arcadia

Maybe the next time I am up we can go. The oysters sound light and would hit the spot. How could you get lobster without your cute sister!!! ~^_^~

Ms. Lin said...

Well, I keep telling you to come up and visit! So much good food, yum!

Anonymous said...

I offered but you didn't sound thrilled! so BLAH lol but maybe soon ^_~ we can both blog about it!!

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