Saturday, July 21, 2007

Trattoria ZàZà (Florence)

Trattoria ZàZà is a quaint restaurant located in the heart of Florence. This was one of the restaurants that our guidebook recommended. Usually I'm somewhat skeptical, especially since the last few didn't work out so well, but the concierge at our hotel also suggested this restaurant so we decided to give it a try. It turned out to be quite good for very reasonable prices.

We started with an appetizer combo plate, which included a sampler of cold cuts, bruschetta topped with tomatoes and mushroom, fried potato dumplings, and toasted brioche with cheese and some type of liver spread. For entrees, we ordered an omelet with truffle cream, a seafood risotto, duo of ravioli with truffle sauce, and a combination pizza, with 4 different kinds of topping: proscuitto, truffle cream, pesto, and mushrooms, each on a quarter of the pizza, topped with fresh arugula. Everything was delicious, especially the ones with truffle cream sauce. :-) (Yes, we do love truffles, and ZàZà certainly makes a great truffle cream.) We ended with their house tiramisu, which is denser than the typical one that one would get in the States but still very tasty.

The service was quite friendly as well - the waitstaff all spoke great English and made good suggestions. The clientele seemed to be mostly younger, probably college students who are trekking through Europe. There were some local folks as well, but all in all, unfortunately I didn't see anyone worthy of giving this restaurant a Q... Still recommend it for the food though - it's a convenient stop after a long day of sightseeing in Florence.