Monday, July 23, 2007

Citadella (Budapest)

I'm welcoming back my sister for another guest blog. (I know I'm really behind on all my entries so I need all the help I can get!)
Visiting the Citadella at the top of Gellért Hill (on the Buda side) is a must. Its breathtaking panoramic view of Budapest and the Danube River is definitely an amazing sight to see. I'd recommend going up to the Citadella a little before sunset to experience the beauty both in daylight as well as at night. Remember that in the summer, most cities in Europe do not get dark until really late. Walk around the area a bit and enjoy some Hungarian historical lessons, before journeying up the path to find the quaint castle restaurant (Citadella Etterem).

You will actually dine inside the castle in an area restored for this touristy restaurant. The menu changes daily but the food we ate was actually pretty delectable. To start off the night they served a traditional Hungarian soup, Goulash. Accompanying the dinner was house red wine for the table. The main course was a nicely prepared fried pork schnitzel along with delicious Hungarian rice and some fries. There was a stewed tomato and red bell pepper sauce. The meal ended with a simple home-made sundae for dessert. Overall the soup was good, I am sure it is not the greatest Goulash you'd find in Hungary but pretty decent for such a touristy spot. The fried pork schnitzel was actually very good with the Hungarian rice. I would definitely recommend this place for a traditional experience. Throughout your meal, you would be entertained by traditional singing or folk dance. It is a lot of fun and the view is incredible up atop the mountain. You really get a gorgeous panoramic view of Buda and Pest, the Danube River, and all the beautiful bridges. It was a great way to start off our stay in Hungary.


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